God’s role in Sept 11th

Advisor Hecotor Avalos and President Will Christopher plan to discuss God’s role in the September 11th tragedies on October 18, as described in the Daily article Forum to give Sept. 11 new perspective.

Forum to give Sept. 11 new perspective

By Betsey Anderson – Special to the Daily

Published: Thursday, October 18, 2001 2:00 AM CDT
Two speakers – an opponent of anything paranormal and the adviser of the Atheist and Agnostic Society – will give their opinion as to why God didn’t answer the Sept. 11 tragedies.

ISU religious experts will host a forum titled “Why God Didn’t Answer on 9-11: An Alternative, Non-Religious View” at 7 tonight in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.

The ISU community will have “a chance to hear a truly alternative view,” said Hector Avalos, associate professor of religious studies.

Avalos, adviser for the ISU Atheist and Agnostic Society, will speak along with John Patterson, professor emeritus of materials science and engineering.

Avalos said he will provide the perspective of a former fundamentalist preacher, and Patterson will provide that of a scientist.

Will Christopher, president of the ISU Atheist and Agnostic Society, described the organization as “basically a type of support group.”

Christopher, junior in biophysics, said an agnostic has “a lack of belief when there is a lack of evidence,” whereas a “positive atheist doesn’t have a belief,” and a negative atheist does not believe in God.

The forum will make the audience aware of opinions and ideas that transgress religious norms.

Avalos said he and Patterson will be addressing points made at the “Where was God on Sept. 11?” forum held at the beginning of the month.

The main points the two plan to discuss are the three possible answers given by the Oct. 1 panel – God gave people free will, there was a greater good served by the tragedy and sin was the cause.

Avalos and Patterson will give an atheistic view on how to deal with this tragedy, as well as philosophical and scientific references to evil.

Why didn’t God answer on Sept. 11?

“Before addressing this question, we must first decide if God – or anything supernatural – actually exists,” Patterson said.

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