The 9th Annual Campustown Holloween Pub Crawl

On the eve of Holloween, Pipette Man, Catwoman and Arthur Dent went on a dangerous journey.  Armed with a nose pipette, a whip and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy they braved the harsh Campustown night environment in order to enter eleven different drinking establishments.  Their goal, bestowed upon them by The Registrars, was to imbibe discounted libations at each establishment in order to earn the colored markings placed upon their quest cards.

The quest took them past many odd creatures such as the Tetris Pieces, The Mustache Ride Men, and arguable the scariest of all, three Sarah Palin’s.  When these brave souls finished victorious they departed with the pride of a quest well finished and, if they payed the five bucks, a cheap t-shirt that will probably never be worn in public unless doing something were they expect to dirty their clothes.

Will these intepid dungeoneers repeat this quest when a year passes?  Will they be joined by others to help in their task?  For now only the Oracle knows for sure.


One comment on “The 9th Annual Campustown Holloween Pub Crawl

  1. Anastasia says:

    Not only was it a great time, in which I got to know two AAS members a little better, I also won the drawing for $500! This leaves me with only a little left over after the price of my costume and my bar tabs from this pub crawl and the one on Friday night on Main Street, but I certainly can’t complain! I’m definitely up for next year’s adventure 🙂

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