Week of Nov 17

The One Iowa Ames Public Forum is on Tuesday November 18 at 7pm at the Ames Municipal Auditorium in City Hall at 515 Clark Ave. Come hear about how Marriage Equality impacts our families and communities with a panel representing various local perspectives, including same-sex couples, parents of gays and lesbians, faith and community leaders, and legal community. The ISU Atheist and Agnostic Society is a cosponsor. See the Facebook event here.

We have a unique discussion planned for this week’s meeting, Thursday November 20 at 7pm in room 3540 of the Memorial Union (note, this is not the regular room). Jim, a Christian apologist, will tell a little about himself, discuss how literal and non-literal interpretations of Genesis differ, and explain how AiG and many in the evangelical churches came to the belief of a young earth, followed by Q&A. The goal of this discussion is to help us better understand the literal biblical viewpoint. He has suggested that we view the timeline giving the estimated duration of Genesis days at Reasons to Believe to get us started.

We will watch Expelled with subtitles on Friday November 21 at 6pm in room 1414 of Molecular Biology. Parking behind the building is free after 5:30pm. Before the show, meet for dinner and optional drinks at Cafe Beaudelaire 2504 Lincoln Way at about 4:30pm. See the Facebook event here.

Instead of brunch this week, we will be making Flying Spaghetti Monster holiday ornaments on Sunday November 23 at 3pm in the Pine Room in the Memorial Union Commons, across from the Food Court. We might try to sell them on campus, or we might just share them with family and friends for the holidays. I’ll bring some pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and googly eyes, but encourage you to bring more craft supplies to share. If you buy them at Hobby Lobby, say you are getting them for a student organization and get 10% off.

FSM ornaments

Anyone who might be interested in participating in CyBuild on Saturday November 22, please email isuaas at gmail. I will get information back to those who respond as soon as I have it.


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