Week of Nov 17 continued

Expelled – This is just a reminder that we will watch Expelled with subtitles on Friday November 21 at 6pm in room 1414 of Molecular Biology. Parking behind the building is free after 5:30pm. Before the show, meet for dinner and optional drinks at Cafe Beaudelaire 2504 Lincoln Way at about 4:30pm. See the Facebook event here.

FSM ornaments – Also, we will make Flying Spaghetti Monster holiday ornaments on Sunday November 23 at 3pm in the Pine Room in the Memorial Union Commons, across from the Food Court. I encourage you to bring craft supplies to share. If you buy them at Hobby Lobby, say you are getting them for a student organization and get 10% off. See the Facebook event here. If this is a bad day for you but you really want to go, please comment on this event or email isuaas at gmail. If there is enough interest, we will schedule another day, possibly the weekend before finals week.

Shirts – I’d like to place a shirt order within the next few days so we will have them before the end of the semester. If you want a shirt, please email me ASAP with your size. Right now, the only people I have listed as wanting shirts are Phil, Ryan, and Sarah. If you haven’t seen the shirts, there is a picture here: http://isuaas.wordpress.com/shirts/.

Blog – Our new WordPress blog will be used for announcements, news stories, and anything else that we want to make publicly available. It doesn’t require a log in and can be added to an RSS feed more easily. I’ll post the weekly events update there also, so they can be accessed by people who aren’t on our mailing list. The Google Group will continue to be used to discuss things we might not want to make available to the general public. If you want to be a contributor to the blog or have ideas for posts or anything else, please let me know. It would be really awesome to post about past events so we can have a record of the history of AAS, especially since February is the 10 year anniversary of AAS’s founding.

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