December Blood Drive

I want to announce the Atheist and Agnostic Society December Blood Drive.  This was inspired by the attacks in Mumbai and the Robert Ingersoll quote “The hands that help are better far than the lips that pray.”  While it may be true that the blood won’t be going to India to help the wounded it is still up to us to take action to make this world a better place while others strive to tear it down.

We ask that you donate blood sometime during the month of December and report back by replying here or e-mailing isuaas at gmail.  At the end of the month we will report the number of people that donated.  You can donate at The Blood Center of Iowa at 1111 Duff Ave.  The times you can make an appointment are shown at this web site:….  For the most part the hours are 07:15 am – 1:45 pm M,F and 11:15 am – 5:45 pm T,W,Th.  Of course if you are away from Ames feel free to donate at your local donor center.


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