Planning for Darwin Day 2009

Darwin’s 200th Birthday will occur on February 12, 2009; it will also be the 150th Anniversary of the publication of his famous book, On The Origin of Species. So, together we can evolve a truly international Celebration to express gratitude for the enormous benefits that scientific knowledge, acquired through human curiosity and ingenuity, has contributed to the advancement of humanity. The objective of Darwin Day Celebration is to encourage existing institutions worldwide, such as municipalities, public and private schools, colleges and universities, libraries, museums, churches, private organizations and individuals to celebrate Science and Humanity every year, on, or near, February 12, Darwin’s birthday!

From Darwin Day Celebration.

AAS is in the planning stages of our Darwin Day celebration.

Some possibilities include inviting ISU professors to speak in a panel discussion. Topics of the discussion could be “how Darwin’s work affects your field” or “how your religious faith and work in evolutionary biology interact”. We could have a spaghetti or “primordial soup” dinner, or an “Axis of Evo” party.

It would be great if we could host events with co-sponsors such as the EEOB department and evolution friendly religious groups.

12 February 1809 was also the day Abraham Lincoln was born, so we may consider honoring him in some way as well. As Darwin Day Celebration puts it: “Abraham Lincoln, Emancipator of American Slaves and Charles Darwin, Emancipator of the Human Mind”.

It may seem that February is a long way away, but we need to get moving! Please comment here if you have ideas or if you are willing to help!


2 comments on “Planning for Darwin Day 2009

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  2. Anastasia says:

    I generally do not allow comments that are purely advertising, but this enterprising fellow has a good idea. I’m also an officer for the Student Veterans club, and we are looking for donations of items that we might be able to raffle off for future events. Might we be able to find some items for a raffle that could be held at either the panel discussion or a dinner? I wonder if some organizations like Iowa Secularists might be interested in donating a t-shirt or two.

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