Atheist finds meaning in self

“Atheist finds meaning in self” is the title given to my letter to the editor here at the Iowa State Daily.  The letter is in response to an opinion piece written by Sophie Prell that can be found here.

I’m not going to reprint the entire article (which might not be legal) but I will recap.  Sophie looks up into the sky and feels insignificant.  She figures there must be some god just not a “God with a capital G.”  She admits that the idea of the Christian God is creepy but admires Christians for having absolute conviction that they have the correct answer instead of being confused and pathetic.

Now I will reprint my reply.

I had a strong emotional response to Sophie Prell’s article, “Despite opposing views, religious deserve respect,” in the Thursday Daily. I find her views so sad. After my first 22 years or so of life, I had stopped believing in God with a capitol G. Years went by. I believed in some god, but couldn’t define it. When I looked up in the sky, I saw the same hopelessness. I felt it would be presumptuous of me to try to find my purpose in life when god probably already had one for me. Then I let go. I realized you can’t find something that wasn’t there. Now, as Sophie does, when I look in the sky I see myself: an amazing work of nature. My life has purpose and meaning and I have never been happier. Don’t look back and admire the Christians who see an answer. Look forward and realize you are the answer.

My purpose here is not merely to reprint my response for people to read but also to expound on what I wrote.  Unlike others that gradually come to atheism I had a sudden epiphany while reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins (thanks to his appearance on “The Colbert Report”) and I can truly say that within an hour my already happy life became happier and has been that way since.  Science has provided wonder and amazement beyond the 10 plus years of Sunday School ever provided.  More recently they study of evolutionary biology and other similar topics has helped provide me answers to life’s centuries old questions.  I lay in bed at night and am able to answer the questions about why we are here, where we came from, and where we will go.  I have the answer to life, the universe, and everything and the question can not only be answered but asked because of my nature.  I was not being literary when saying “you are the answer.”  I was being literal.  Being able to ask the question provides the answer.


4 comments on “Atheist finds meaning in self

  1. Zach Nereim says:

    She admits that the idea of the Christian God is creepy but admires Christians for having absolute conviction that they have the correct answer instead of being confused and pathetic.”

    This part of her response bugs me the most. It is not something good that they have a unchangeable belief without evidence. Faith is not a god damn virtue.

    Other then my comment on that great post matt

  2. Ray says:

    You look up into the sky and, as an atheist, should see a purposeless accident. That is what evolution teaches. You life you loves, you science have on objective meaning if all this was an accident. You are purposeless, your life is purpose less, and you blog is purposeless, because you are just an accident. Accidents have no meaning, they are just accidents.

  3. Zach Nereim says:

    I agree that life has no meaning, that is imposed upon it. Life has a meaning you give it, this meaning is intimately yours. This meaning is also more meaningful because it is yours And not given to you by on high.

    Also, evolution does not teach anything about where the earth came from.

    Accidents can have meaning if I get into an accident, where I meet my future will wife that accident is meaningful to me.

  4. Zach Nereim says:

    Furthermore, Ray, what purpose do you have?

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