Jan 15 meeting minutes

The 15 Jan 2009 AAS meeting was very productive, with many people in attendance despite the -30F windchill! We discussed how AAS will run this year and what special events we might want to work on. Please share your ideas by commenting here or send them to isuaas at gmail dot com.

Our Google Calendar is becoming more and more important as our meeting, event ,and activity times/days can vary. If you would like assistance adding our Google Calendar to your Outlook or other calendar program, just ask. Please let us know if you find an event that would interest our members.

We will be having regular discussions every other week instead of every week. This will help concentrate attendance, allow us to choose more significant topics, and allow time for additional activities like Sunday Brunch and special events without overtaxing club members.

We welcome suggestions for activities. Part of AAS’s mission is to provide for a social framework, similar to what might be found in a bible study group or similar organization. Some ideas for activities include movie nights and potlucks.

We also need suggestions for discussion topics, voluenteers to present special topics, and suggestions for speakers. One idea is a discussion on the morality of sex and love, and how these important concepts are dealt with differently by religious and non-religious people. View the calendar to see which meetings still need topics (all of them as of today).

We have some great plans for special events this semester, but we are open to more ideas. We need people to help plan these events.

On Darwin Day, 12 Febuary, there will be a panel discussion on the relationship between religion and evolution, with the goal of encouraging understanding. The primary sponsor for this event is ISU Freethinkers for Tolerance and Ethics. See the FATE blog for more info. Please let us know if you know any professors or grad students that work with evolution who might be willing to talk about their faith.

On 13 Feb, we are hoping to have DJ Grothe of the Center for Inquiry present his talk “Darwin made me do it”. Either before or after the talk (or both), we will meet with the Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers for dinner and discussion.

On 11 Mar, we plan to drive to Omaha, Nebraska to help the Secular Student Alliance with the Dawkins University Tour.

On 13 Mar, we plan to have a Superstition Bash, where we will challenge people to break their superstitions.

Sometime this semester or next, we would like to get Grab a Brew Share Your View started in Ames. First and foremost is finding a location close to campus.

Sometime this semester or next, we plan to host a Fiction for Fiction booth by the Hub where people can trade in their bibles and other religious books for other works of fiction. This could be a great thought provoking event if we do it right. Let us know if you have any books to donate!

Also this semester or next, we plan to have a Flying Spaghetti Dinner.

Finally, we need a few people to update the resources pages on our website (see the links to the left) so new members can easily find info on atheism, secularism, and more.


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