Darwin Week at UNI

Our own advisor, world renowned biblical scholar and Professor of Religious studies Dr. Hector Avalos, will be presenting Intelligent design: Why it is not science at UNI on Feb 12 at 7pm. UNI is hosting a series of Darwin related talks and events which can be found at UNIFI‘s Darwin Week website. The events are also listed below.


7 PM: ”Darwin Days Introduction: A social gathering and discussion of the week’s events.” (Hemisphere Lounge)


7 PM: Grab A Brew, Share Your View: (Topic about science and religion) (Hemisphere Lounge)


9 AM: Steve O’Kane, Ph.D., UNI Dept. of Biology ”From creation to evolution: A continuum of thought.”

10 AM: Orlando Schwartz, Ph.D, UNI Dept. of Biology: ”If IT is not science, what IS science?”

11 AM: James Demastes, Ph.D., UNI Dept. of Biology: “Don’t blame Darwin: A brief history of evolutionary theory.”

12 noon: Scott Cawelti, Ph.D., UNI Dept. of English Language & Literature: “5 Onscreen cinematic images of evolution.”

1 PM: Trudy Eden, Ph.D., UNI Dept. of History: ”Before the monkeys: History of Darwin & the Origin of Species.”

2 PM: John Groves, Ph.D., UNI Dept. of Earth Sciences: ”Evolution & the fossil record”

3 PM: Kenneth Atkinson, Ph.D., UNI Dept. of Philosophy & Religion: ”Darwin & Genesis: What the bible really says about evolution.”

7 PM: Hector Avalos, Ph.D., Prof. of Religious Studies,Iowa State University: “Intelligent Design: Why it is religion and not science.”


9:30 AM: Ms. Tricia Kitzmann, MPH, UNI Adjuct Instructor & Deputy Director of Johnson County Dept. of Public Health: “Applying evolution theory: The epidemiology of disease.”

11:00 AM: Helen Harton, Ph.D., UNI Dept. of Psychology: ”The evolution of evolutionary psychology.”

11:00 AM – 1:00pm: Darwin Birthday Celebration FREE cupcakes in the Union.

12:30 PM: Laura Jackson, Ph.D., UNI Dept. of Biology ”Orchids, earthworms & more: Darwin’s other contributions.”

2 PM: Robert Seager, Ph.D., Theresa Spradling, Ph.D. & James Demastes, Ph.D., UNI Dept. of Biology: ”Ask the experts: Everything you ever wanted to know about evolution.”

7 PM: Mr. D.J. Grothe, Vice President and Director of Outreach Programs, The Center for Inquiry Transnational: ”Darwin made me do it: Secular and religious ethics.”


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