Weekly Update – 9 March

This week’s meeting will be on Thursday 12 Mar at 7:00 pm in room 3219 of the Memorial Union. This week we will be discussing gnostic atheism. Most people would agree that it is irrational to say that they know there is not a god. Depending on how you define god, however, you may be able to get close. The discussion will hopefully lead us as close to gnostic atheism as possible given a useful definition of god. This will be geared toward people who already identify as atheist. Many arguments will be brought up but assumed to be concluded (i.e. the efficacy of prayer will be mentioned but it will be assumed that prayer does not work.) A good overview of atheist vs. agnostic can be found on Wikipedia.

Sunday 15 March at 11am is another AAS Sunday brunch at the UDCC.

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