Feast on the First Amendment – Planning

Feast on the First Amendment is Thursday April 16 from 11 to 2. and AAS has been invited to have a table and some sort of exhibit. It’s a great outreach opportunity that we don’t want to miss. Free lunch is available to all attendees. Sidewalk chalk will be provided, so prep some quotes or slogans about Separation of Church and State. There will also be soapbox debates, with separation of church and state as one of the topics, so please come prepared to debate!

Please RSVP at this Facebook event and post on the event wall what time you can be there. We need people not just from 11 to 2 but also to set up and tear down. We will have the remaining AAS shirts available for sale at the table, so at least 2 people need to be there at all times.

We need to make some signs and handouts for our table/exhibit. We may meet before Dr. Avalos’s talk next week to get the signs finalized. We have a little funding to print pamphlets or 1/4 sheet handouts, which we could use to encourage people to learn more about separation of church and state. We could include links to case  studies and/or educational sites that cover the issues.

At the last meeting, we discussed some ideas for the exhibit, particularly a poster with quotes or reasons why everyone should want separation of church and state.  We considered asking people controversial questions that turn the status quo on its head like “What if you had to say that god doesn’t exist to hold public office?” and “What if we got rid of the first amendment and a religion besides your own took over the government?”. We should emphasize the idea that there can’t be freedom of religion without freedom from religion. Please comment here with your ideas!

We also need some ideas for newspaper ads that we will run during the week of VIESHEA. During VIESHEA, community members come on campus more than usual, so it would be a great time to post some thought provoking ads. We need some short quotes or phrases ASAP. We have ISU Daily advertising funds from GSB that need to be used by the end of the semester. The funds will cover about 14 column inches.


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