Meeting times, topics, elections

Dr. Avalos will be presenting a talk for AAS members and affiliates on April 9 at 7pm titled “How to Fight Intelligent Design and Win,” tentatively in MU room 3219. Please RSVP at this Facebook event so we can reserve a larger room if needed.

After Dr. Avalos’s talk, we only have one more meeting this semester – April 23. Comment here with ideas for discussion topics. Feel freee to post any other ideas, such as having the last meeting at a restaraunt instead of at the MU. Any topics not used at the last meeting will be considered for next semester.

April 12 and 26 are the last two Sunday brunches of the semester. Sunday brunches haven’t been as well attended since we moved from the Cafe to the UDCC. The UDCC conference room is more conducive to conversation among a group than the Cafe, but this point is moot if less than 6 people attend. Would you like to switch back to the Cafe for our biweekly Sunday brunches? Please comment on whether you prefer the Cafe or UDCC (or suggest an alternative), and add other ideas such as making it a weekly event instead of biweekly or having discussion topics at brunch, anything that would make you want to attend.

As you register for classes, consider AAS meetings in your schedule. Current meetings are alternating Thursdays at 7pm in the MU. If have a preference in the time or day, please vote in this Doodle poll. Comment here if you would like a change in the location or frequency of meetings.

In the AAS constitution, we need to have elections at the end of each Fall semester. At the meeting on April 23rd, we will have elections for President, VP, and Treasurer. Optional positions are Social Chair and Discussion Chair. We should also elect/appoint Committee Chairs for the Superstition Bash and Fiction for Fiction / Reading from Religious Texts events. Please consider self-nominating for one or more of these positions. If you’ve been a ringside member, please consider taking a more active role – AAS is a very important organization on campus, with the potential to make a broad impact. You can read about the elections process and officer duties in the AAS constitution.


3 comments on “Meeting times, topics, elections

  1. Tori says:

    I vote for keeping Sunday Brunch at the UDCC because we don’t have to worry about the number of people that attend and we don’t have to wait to get seated or get food. It’s easier to get to by bus.

  2. Anastasia says:

    I agree, Tori, but I don’t know why attendee number dropped after we moved it. Maybe people are just busier this semester than they were last semester.

    Regarding the other items in this post:

    No one responded to the Doodle poll so we may as well stick with Thursdays at 7pm.

    No one has suggested any topics, so we will likely discuss the afterlife at the last meeting of the semester. It’s not too late, though, to change that.

  3. Tori says:

    For meeting idea, maybe have a “How to debate with a theist” workshop or “Are science and religion compatible?”, or since at one point we were thinking of changing the club name we could discuss what we should call ourselves (atheist/agnostic, freethinkers, Brights, secular humanists…)

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