Superstion Bash – planning

The AAS 10 Year Anniversary Superstition Bash has been funded $300 from GSB. However, we need to submit a breakdown of what we plan to spend the money on by Monday morning! Comment here with ideas. To get us started, Zach found this great resource with suggested events and activities. The budget doesn’t have to be exact, but they want a general idea of what we will spend the funds on.

The plan is to have the Bash on Friday November 13 in the M-Shop, charging a small amount for admission and having a cash bar. At the last AAS meeting, Alex suggested making this a charity fundraiser, such as funding books for disadvantaged children, so keep that possibility in mind, and look for worthy charities that fight against superstition.

When DJ Grothe was here, he said that CFI would be interested in helping to fund this event. We should contact Iowa freethought groups to attend and possibly contribute to make this a really great event. 10 years of AAS is a great cause to celebrate!


4 comments on “Superstion Bash – planning

  1. Zach Nereim says:

    Does anyone have any ideas on who we should get? I suggest we try to get James Randi! also as copresident of CSI I would be glad to help set up some of the superstitions. I just don’t know which ones to we should do .

  2. Anastasia says:

    First of all, Zach, I agree that having a speaker would be great, especially if we could get a big one. Perhaps they could speak before the activities, then stick around for the fun? Would you be willing to start contacting people? Maybe draft up an email and pass it by me in case I want to add anything? Also, would you mind going with me to talk to Pat Miller of ISU Lectures Committee? If we get them in on it, we might be able to get funds. If nothing else, they will help advertise the event.

    I plan on contacting DJ Grothe and the Iowa orgs as soon as we have a tentative plan for the event.

    I’ll start trying to come up with prices for each of these in a bit, but I’m just collecting the ideas I liked from the site Zach found – thanks, Zach! – in this spreadsheet. I have to take care of some things then will be back to keep editing later – this all has to be done by Monday (not completely done, but done enough to have a rough budget). Please add your comments to the spreadsheet.

    I really like the idea of having a superstition Obstacle course, which would have 13 activities. This framework is conducive to educational displays as well as games.

    If we do it this way, the M-Shop will probably not work – we might need to set up tables in the center of the Sun Room and arrange the activities around the room. If we go with the Sun Room, and have a speaker, we’ll need to rent the platform and microphone, so that’s $100 of the budget already.

  3. Zach says:

    I will draft up an e-mail to run by you (hopefully sometime soon). I’d also be happy to go see Pat Miller with you. When you contact DJ, CFI has a speakers’ bureau, so you could ask who is on that and if we could get a discount on getting them here.

  4. Anastasia says:

    I’ve got a list of activities with descriptions and what we need to buy (along with the budget!) completed at the Google Spreadsheet I mentioned before. Please check it out and feel free to add comments!

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