Website and club history

We’ve gotten this AAS WordPress started to help us keep information up to date. We could now use contributors to the blog, people who will post thought provoking commentary as a follow up to our discussions, update the links page, help with visual presentation, etc. Please comment here or email if you are willing to contribute.

We also need someone to make some changes to the official ISU site. The changes will be simple – mostly deletions. We’ll probably go to one page with a theme that looks like the WordPress. Please let me know if you are willing/able to do this, perhaps over the summer.

One important addition to the WordPress would be a history page. Because Fall 2009 is the 10 year anniversary of AAS’s founding, we could create a timeline for AAS, starting with a list of past officers, perhaps with short statements about what they accomplished during their term. If you are a past officer or know a past officer, please comment or email. We could also include statements from current and past members about what they got out of AAS.


4 comments on “Website and club history

  1. Zach Nereim says:

    I think Tori and I have been going to the club longer than anyone else.

  2. Anastasia says:

    I think so too. Would you feel like writing up a bit about your experiences?

    Also, I wouldn’t mind some help with choosing the WordPress theme before we edit the official page to match it. I’m not satisfied with any of them – they are all too messy or too clean! This one is sort of nice, but I wish there was a page selection at the top instead of having it at right. I do like that the text is easy to read.

  3. Zach says:

    Tori and I will write something up together since we’ve been going together the whole time and e-mail it to you. As for the website, I’m not good at that sort of aesthetic thing.

  4. Anastasia says:

    Luke said he would work on the website this summer! What do you think about this theme (The Journalist is the name)? Too simple? I think it allows for easy access of info without being a mess, but my personal preference might be weird 🙂

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