Superstition bash is funded!

After a long and stressful meeting with the GSB finance committee, AAS has $300 to spend on our Superstition Bash happening on Friday 13 November 2009. For details of what was and was not funded, check out this planning spreadsheet. Please comment here or on the spreadsheet if you have ideas for any of the listed activities or any new ones to add.

Putting on this event is going to take a lot of teamwork. If you will be here next semester, please consider joining the event committee. Ideally, we’ll have a few people (probably the officers elect) as administrators and multiple people that take charge of one or more of the 13 activities, depending on their interests and abilities. If you are willing, please comment here or email There is a lot to get done but if we pace ourselves, we have a good amount of time to work with.

First on the agenda is finding out what is and is not allowed at a student organization event.For example, I found out at the finance committee meeting that we can’s make a profit from taking admission, though we can take enough admission to break even. We can accept donations for AAS or any charity at the event.

We definately need to find out the regualtions for alcohol at student organization events. Can we have a cash bar in the room? If so, are we responsible for wrist bands or other form of ID verification? If not, can we have a second room with the bar and allow people to migrate in and out of the rooms? The bar isn’t necessary, but I think we might attract more non-students including members of other secular organizations, faculty, and community members to celebrate with us if we do.

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One comment on “Superstition bash is funded!

  1. Anastasia says:

    I was unable to find any policy documents specific to whether GSB funding can be used to fund part of an event at which alcohol will be available. According to the Activity Authorization Form: “Alcoholic beverages may be permitted in a limited number of cases where special social events are being scheduled. Requests for the use of alcohol must be made to the Vice President for Business and Finance well in advance of the event to allow adequate time for due consideration and a decision.” I’ll start looking into that. I also found the University’s alcohol policies which seem to say that it is ok to have a cash bar if the event meets certain criteria, which I beleive we will.

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