Weekly update

This week is the last week of activities for this semester.
Thu Apr 23         11:00 – 14:00    Your Choice, Our Voice – Free Speech Area between the Hub and the Library
Thu Apr 23         19:00 – 20:00    AAS elections and discussion on life after death – Room 3219 in the Memorial Union
Sun Apr 26         11:00 – 12:00    ISU AAS Sunday brunch – Heritage room in the Union Drive Marketplace on campus

Ironically, I won’t be at any of the events this week, the last week of my presidency, because my grandmother is gravely ill and I flew home to Tampa on Saturday morning to be with my family. I really really wish I could be there for the discussion this week because of the topic’s immediate relevancy to me right now. If anyone would like to take notes and write a post about the discussion for the AAS blog, that would be really great. A post about the Your Choice, Our Voice event would be greatly appreciated as well – can someone bring a camera?

Because I won’t be there for Your Choice, Our Voice, someone needs to volunteer to bring the AAS sign, books, etc to the event. I also have flyers for Your Choice, Our Voice that people can pick up and post around campus (printed in color thanks to Zach and Luke). My husband has the items and would like to make the transfer as soon as possible. Please email isuaas@gmail.com if you can pick up the items and I will give you his contact info. If you can post flyers around campus, please respond and I’ll put you in contact with the person who is picking up the items.

Before discussion starts on Thursday, the club needs to vote on quotes to put in the Daily, elect officers, and ratify some changes to the constitution that were required by GSB (see the proposed constitution for fficer responsibilities and eligibility requirements). Please consider nominating yourself or another club member for office. To maintain official club status, we must have a President, Treasurer, and at least one other officer.

The quotes will be used in recruitment ads for AAS that will appear in the ISU Daily one per day in the first week of the Fall semester. Ideally, these quotes will describe atheist, agnostic, secular, humanist, etc world views that don’t directly attack other world views. Please comment here with your ideas for quotes or bring them to the meeting so they can be voted upon quickly.

I’ve really enjoyed serving as AAS President, and am honored to have been part of such an important student organization. As atheists and agnostics, it can be difficult to see reasons to speak out, and once the decision to speak out has been made, it can be difficult to walk the line between provocative and destructive. I hope that I’ve encouraged people to find those reasons and to be thought provoking in their conversations with both religious and non-religious people.

If I am nominated to serve as President for a second term, I would accept the nomination, and vow to continue to serve with dedication. However, if another worthy candidate steps forward, I yield to them. I certainly do not want to prevent anyone else from having the opportunity to lead AAS. If this occurs, and I hope it does, I would like to nominate myself for a new “Graduate Student Advisor” position, the role of which would be to assist the current President and other officers as needed, allowing for more continuity of leadership while also allowing more students to take leadership positions.

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