IAF bus ads

Update: DART plans to put the ads, unchanged, back on the buses next week! This is the result of levelheaded discussion between IAF leadership and DART representatives – though I have a feeling that all of the calls and emails from disgruntled supporters of the 1st Amendment helped. Despite the success with DART, let’s keep up the calls and emails to Governor Culver. He should be held responsible for his statements. See the Des Moines Register article: Atheist ads will go back on buses, DART decides.

Update: According to the Friendly Atheist, DART has recanted, saying that they would consider new ads by IAF. The problem is that by the time any new ads were put up, it would be way after the State Fair is over – so the ads would reach a much smaller audience than IAF had intended. This is not acceptable.

You may have already heard the news – the Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers bought 20 ads on Des Moines buses to run during the month of August, but after just 4 days the ads were pulled. This has attracted the media in Iowa and abroad, been covered by bloggers including Pharyngula and Friendly Atheist, and even the governor of Iowa has made a statement. IAF is asking that concerned persons contact DART (see a letter from IAF below). I propose that we also contact the governor and write letters to the editor for Ames and Des Moines papers. If you do write a letter, please send a copy to isuaas@gmail.com so we can post them on the blog.


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