Welcome back!

Welcome back! I hope all of you had a great summer. We’ve got some really great events planned for this semester, including the 10th Anniversary Celebration Superstition Bash in November.

Our first meeting of the semester is Thursday 27 August at 7pm in the Memorial Union Gold Room (2nd floor, next to the Multicultural Center). At the meeting, we’ll have introductions and talk about what you want to do with AAS this semester. If you can’t be there but want to share your ideas, just reply to this email.

Our first Sunday brunch is 30 August at 11am at The Cafe, 2616 Northridge Parkway (in Somerset, north of campus). RSVP at the Facebook event or reply to this email by Sunday at 9am so we can get a large enough table.

Check out our freshly updated website at  for news and info related to atheism, secularism, and more. On the site, you can find our calendar including listings for two other local groups: Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers and Iowa Secularists. You can also follow AAS on Twitter @tweathen.

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