Fall 09 Semester planning

At the 1st meeting of the Fall 09 Semester, we made a lot of progress in planning, but we need a lot more input!

  • Meetings will be weekly instead of biweekly, so we need lots of suggestions for discussion topics and other activities. It would be best if we could plan the agenda at least a few weeks in advance.
  • Brunch will remain biweekly at The Cafe.
  • Social events. We’ll have these events at restaurants instead of bars to ensure that our younger members can still attend.
  • Outreach activities to both let potential members know that AAS is here and to tear down stereotypes about atheists. Examples: Ask an Atheist booth, Hug an Atheist signs (1st such event is Sept 1 and 2).
  • Volunteer work, particularly in partnership with religious groups. What groups do you think would be receptive?
  • Multicultural outreach, providing an alternative to church groups for new international students.
  • Activities that challenge believers and celebrate our non-religious identity, like a Fiction for Fiction exchange. More educational events like lectures from Dr. Avalos (suggested topics are his own background and conversion, and how AAS has changed over the years). Some members are interested in debaptisms. What other fun activities do you want?
  • Fun fundraising – like a Baptize an Atheist dunk tank. Anyone know where we can rent a tank and how much it costs? When/where could we do this? VEISHEA?
  • Grab a Brew Share Your View continues to be a success for UNIFY, so we will work to get a monthly GABSYV going in Ames. We need to find a venue and a religious student group that is willing to partner with us.
  • Shirts printed before November – we need design ideas! Do we want a special “10th Anniversary” design? Should we stick with locally printed t-shirts, or try using Cafe Press so we can have a variety of items?
  • Our Resources page lists online materials like blogs and podcasts, aiming to be a good resource for people looking to learn more about atheism, secularism, and similar topics. What are you reading or listening to? We’re also creating our own material here on the AAS blog, including contributions from members.
  • Our Amazon Bookstore has books on atheism, secularism, and similar topics sorted by categories. It’s a potential fundraiser and a resource for people looking to learn more. What books do you suggest? We’ll also work on expanding our Library and getting it housed somewhere on campus.
  • We have a display case in the MU reserved for 2 weeks in November. Creative people, where are you?
  • Finally, planning for the AAS 10th Anniversary Superstition Bash is ongoing. We need to form a planning committee really soon. Most immediate problem – finding a bar with a license to serve off their premises that won’t completely break the bank.

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