Weekly update

Welcome to our new members! We now have over 300 people on our mailing list. There’s lots of great opportunities to interact with non-theists from across the state this week: Clubfest, Sean Faircloth of the Secular Coalition for America presents “One Nation Under the Constitution”, Ask an Atheist Booth, Iowa State v Iowa tailgate with IAF, and Sunday brunch.

Clubfest is on Wednesday 9 September from 11am-4pm at the Memorial Union, with setup from 10-11am and breakdown from 4-5pm. Please sign up to man the booth at this Doodle Poll. On Tuesday evening, I’ll send the volunteers a schedule so we can be sure to have 3 people at the booth at all times. You’re welcome to show up even if you’re not on the schedule.

On Thursday 10 September, instead of our regular meeting, we’ll carpool down to Des Moines to see Sean Faircloth, Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America, give a talk titled “One Nation Under the Constitution”. This event is hosted by the Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers. Signup to carpool at this Doodle poll. We’ll all meet at the small parking lot in the southwest corner of the Orange lot (across from the bus stop – see map) at 5:45pm, leaving promptly at 6pm. The event is at the Des Moines Botanical Center 909 E River Dr., Des Moines, IA 50316.

On Friday 11 September from 11am to 1pm we will have another Ask an Atheist / Hug an Atheist Booth in the Free Speech Area between the Hub and the library. We need a small table – please comment if you have one. Also, the Fiction for Fiction books and 2 chairs are in Matt’s office – please comment if you are willing to help carry them to the booth.

On Saturday 12 September, Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers is hosting a tailgate for the Iowa State / Iowa game. For more info, see their Facebook event.

On Sunday 13 September at 11am is another Sunday Brunch. Vote for either The Cafe or the UDCC on campus (or other) as a location at this Doodle Poll no later than Thursday night so I can update the Facebook event and make a reservation if necessary. The Cafe has great food but can only seat about 10 at one table, so isn’t good for conversation. The UDCC has good food, and a conference room, but not a lot of parking close by.

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