Statewide Secular Tailgate

Are other tailgates religious? Probably not, but join your secular friends at a tailgate for the Iowa State v Iowa game this Saturday. RSVP at the Facebook event, and invite your friends! Bring some canned goods to show team spirit and help those in need (see after the map for details). IAF will have a grill set up, but you need to bring your own food and beverages.

Due to the nature of tailgating, we don’t have an exact location. So, you’ll just have to head to the red-shaded area on the map below and look for the AAS and IAF banners. I’ll have my blue Toyota Matrix there, and we’ll set up a big white tent. There will be no parking in the tailgate area so you’ll have to park in the Orange lot (just north of the stadium, north of 4th street) and walk or take the shuttle over.

Tailgate spot

Non-perishable goods will be donated to the Community Food Pantry. Each food item has a point value – the first annual Atheist Cy-Hawk Food Drive Winner will be announced at half-time!

Items and Points Value:

Monetary donations will be accepted and given to the Food Pantry to purchase additional items from the Food Bank of Iowa at a reduced price. For this event and concerning monetary donations only: $1.00 = 1 point.

No perishable items: no fresh fruits or veggies; no refrigerated or frozen items; no single servings.

Touchdown = 6 points
•Laundry detergent (any kind or size larger than travel size)
•Box of cereal (not travel or individual size)
•Powdered milk
•Juice (nonrefrigerated until opened; must be at least 6 servings)

Field Goal = 3 points
•Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, etc.
•Can of chicken, can of turkey
•Poptarts (each set of 8 Poptarts is worth 3 points)
•Granola bars (each set of 8 bars is worth 3 points)
•One loaf of bread

Safety = 2 points
•Canned or packaged fruit or a package of individual-size servings
•Snack chips, pretzels, etc.
•Pasta sauce
•A box of powdered juice mix packets or a container of powdered juice mix

Extra point = 1 point
•Canned vegetables
•Can of tuna fish, package of tuna fish
•Dry pasta
•Everything else

Thanks to Amanda of IAF for organizing this event!

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2 comments on “Statewide Secular Tailgate

  1. Anastasia says:

    For those attending the Statewide Secular ISU/UI tailgate, stay posted for details. We will be in a different lot/lawn than we thought. It’s crazy out here! 

  2. Anastasia says:

    location of the tailgate: from University Blvd turn towards Vet Med on 16th, then 1st right, then 1st left

    We’re set up about 100 yrds in from the road, in the 2nd row of cars from the south.

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