Reponse to Reggie’s Sleepout

A campus wide email just went out promoting Reggie’s Sleepout. Find the full email after the cut.

Just in case anyone reads the email and makes it to this blog, I’d just like to let everyone know that only people who have asked to be on our mailing list are on our mailing list. In other words, if you haven’t asked, you are not on our list. All student organizations at Iowa State may send out a campus wide email to all students for a small fee, the email below is one of those.

The officers of ISU AAS thought that helping homeless youths is important enough to warrant sending a campus wide email. As mentioned in the email, if you are uncomfortable sponsoring our team, we encourage you to consider sponsoring another team.

Just a few minutes after being sent out, we’ve already gotten one reply from a person who seems to have either not read the email or if he/she did read it, did not understand what it is about.

If I ever get another email from you guys, I will flip out. Please remove me from your list NOW.
Ps Jesus Christ lives and reigns and provides strength to all who are in need. Give Him a try.

Very nice. In other words, “Jesus loves you but I hate you” ? Or is it “Jesus loves you but I’m scared of you” ?

This is exactly why we need to continue doing the Ask an Atheist booth and Hug an Atheist every Friday. We’re now holding Ask an Atheist in the UDCC Commons so we can stay warm while we attempt to warm hardened hearts.

Happily, this is not the typical response. Lots of people realize that helping people transcends any differences we may have.


Reggie’s Sleepout was founded in 2001 to help youths that are too old for foster care but too young for traditional programs that help homeless people. The ISU Atheist and Agnostic Society has a team working to raise money for this important cause. Homelessness has no regard for religious or cultural boundaries. Will you help support our efforts and the homeless youths?

In addition to being for a great cause, Reggie’s Sleepout is a lot of fun. On Oct 24th, our team will sleep in cardboard boxes in Drake University stadium along with many other teams. There will be food, live music, and a cardboard box building competition.

Will you join us in sleeping under the stars or sponsor the ISU AAS team? You can join or donate here: or e-mail Also, please e-mail us if you can donate duct tape and/or very large cardboard boxes for our boxed in competition entry.

If for some reason you are uncomfortable sponsoring the ISU Atheist and Agnostic Society, there are other ISU teams that would likely appreciate your support: ISU ONE and ISU BSA You can also start your own team:

As long as you take the 5 minutes to donate even $5, we can all make a difference in the lives of many of the over 27,500 homeless people in Iowa.


Andrew Severin
Team leader for ISU Atheist and Agnostic Society Reggie’s Sleepout Team
Learn more about ISU AAS at


3 comments on “Reponse to Reggie’s Sleepout

  1. Anastasia says:

    Just got another negative one:

    “Why do you care about people you believe we are animals…. why not go save fish wouldn’t that technically be the same?”

    On the positive side, we’ve had a few people join the AAS team and someone let us know where a cache of boxes are stored.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Just a quick rebuttal to the comment in the main post:

    “Very nice. In other words, “Jesus loves you but I hate you” ? Or is it “Jesus loves you but I’m scared of you” ?”

    The email stated:

    “If I ever get another email from you guys, I will flip out. Please remove me from your list NOW.
    Ps Jesus Christ lives and reigns and provides strength to all who are in need. Give Him a try.”

    Nowhere in the quote does the writer say anything about hate. Your point about mailing lists is also innaccurate, nowhere in your email does it say anything about a mass email or not being on the ISU – AAS mailing list (I also received the email). Try to be more accurate when you characterize someone else’s words, and be a little more honest in your examination of your own.

    • Anastasia says:


      Perhaps my idea of flipping out is different than yours, but flipping out is not something that a caring or nice person does unless incited by a strong emotion like anger or fear. I’m willing to admit that my characterization may have been incorrect, but having someone threaten to flip out at us doesn’t sound very nice. How would you characterize this message, if it is not driven by hate or fear? Strong dislike, maybe? I’m not sure, that’s why I added question marks in the post.

      My point about mailing lists is not inaccurate or dishonest. We used a mailing list, and no one has been added to the AAS list. Few if any of the groups that send out campus wide emails specifically say that this is a mass email and that the recipient has not been added to a list. There is no requirement to do so, and I never said this information was included in the email, although if we send out another campus wide email in the future, I will include such a notice simply to avoid getting a ton of unsubscribe emails replete with nasty comments.

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