Weekly Update

Don’t like reading emails? AAS now has a Fan Page on Facebook! The discussion board is a great way to connect with fellow members. Become a fan and updates will appear on your Facebook homepage. You can also check what’s coming up on our calendar on the Boxes Tab of our Facebook Fan Page or via Google Calendar.

Here are this week’s events:

  • Thu Oct 15 7pm – 8pm AAS Meeting: Coming Out Atheist  – Memorial Union Gold Room (2nd floor, near Multicultural Center)
  • Fri Oct 16 11am – 1pm Ask an Atheist and Hug an Atheist Booth – UDCC Commons area
    • Stay warm indoors while spreading positive awareness of atheists among your fellow students.
    • Our Ask an Atheist efforts were in the ISU Daily on Monday, and received some positive comments!
  • Sun Oct 18 Secular Service Day
    • Our official Secular Service activity is Reggie’s Sleepout, happening Oct 24. See our Reggie’s Sleepout page for details. Please ask your friends, family, and colleagues to help support this worthy cause! Look for a campus-wide email publicizing the AAS team in the next few days.
  • Sun Oct 18 2pm – 3pm Dr. Hector Avalos “Can Science Prove Prayer Works?” – Edina, Minnesota

  • Mon Oct 19 7pm – 8pm 1st Brews and Views – Cafe Milo 4800 Mortensen Road #101 (near the Red CyRide route)

Important! Upcoming events and planning:

  • At next week’s meeting we will have two items to discuss:
    • AAS Speaker’s Bureau. We will vote for people to represent us as speakers for other clubs and church groups. Want to be a speaker but can’t make it to next meeting? Email isuaas@gmail.com with a short statement that we’ll read aloud before voting.
    • AAS Logo. Some ideas for logos are posted at the AAS blog. Vote for your favorite logo idea or add comments with additional ideas. At the next meeting we’ll discuss the top choices and make a final decision.
  • AAS’s 10th Anniversary celebration!
    • Clear your schedule. As part of our 10th Anniversary celebration, Dr. Avalos will present “The AAS at Ten: Celebrating a Decade” at our meeting on Nov 5th.
    • Nov 1-13 we will have a display cabinet at the Memorial Union. Please email isuaas@gmail.com if you would like to help design the AAS Memorial Union display.
    • Nov 13 is the Superstition Bash, a huge party held by AAS. Please email isuaas@gmail.com if you would like to help create a superstition station.
  • Register for the ISU Pastafarians team! Living History Farms Run on Nov 21. For details, email isuaas@gmail.com.

Anastasia Bodnar, President
ISU Atheist and Agnostic Society

Note: isuaas@gmail.com is not a listserv. If you reply, your message will be received only by AAS officers. To unsubscribe, simply respond to this message with the email address you would like to remove and the word unsubscribe in the body of the email.


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