Memorial Union Chapel legislation @GSB tonight!

At 7pm tonight (Wednesday Oct 21) in the Campanile Room of the MU, GSB will discuss a resolution asking the Memorial Union Board of Directors to leave the large cross in the chapel and to allow students to add additional religious symbols. If this passes, it will be seen as the will of the students, making any future changes extremely difficult.

I urge you to email or call your Senators ASAP to let them know how you feel about this issue. You can find your Senators’ contact info here: Please attend the meeting if you can. If you can’t, you can send your message to and someone will make sure your message is heard. You may also sign the petition at

To make it even easier for you to send a message to your Senators, you might copy and paste this text into your message (feel free to edit):

While there may be reasons to maintain the chapel as a reflection space in the MU, the current version of Resolution 2009-2-044 SR continues to elevate Christianity as more important than any other faith or lack of faith. This is unacceptable at a state-funded university, particularly one with as diverse a student body as ISU. Covering up the cross or adding additional symbols does nothing to change the fact that the cross is the largest symbol in the room.  I urge you to vote no on the resolution to keep religious symbols in the MU chapel.

For more information, see:
Luke Harvey’s letter to GSB
Kevin Zimmerman’s petition
Previous ISU Daily articles and letter from Kevin Zimmerman


2 comments on “Memorial Union Chapel legislation @GSB tonight!

  1. Dustin Martin says:

    I would like to enact a resolution to stop using the bathroom to urinate and defecate in. It smells and makes a mess and I don’t like having to deal with these things when I go in there to reflect. I think everyone should cater to my feelings.

  2. zntneo says:

    strawman much Dustin? This has nothing to do whether or not it offends us or anything it has to do with church state separation and inclusivity

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