Superstition Bash!

The Atheist and Agnostic Society is turning 10 in Fall 2009. Join us on Friday the 13th of November to celebrate! Everyone is welcome at this free event! We hope you’ll join us, no matter your beliefs. RSVP at Facebook!

The Maniac of Magic, comedian and magician Nathan Allen, will preform from 7-8pm in Molecular Biology 1414. Then, mingle in the Molecular Biology Atrium 8-11pm with free food, cider and hot cocoa. Have your fortune told and play superstition games with free prizes! There will also be a huge raffle, tickets only $1, for books and other items. After 11pm, if you’re of age, join us for the after-party at Olde Main on Main Street!

Want to help create a superstition station or donate an item for the raffle? Email!

Special thanks to the Iowa Secularists, Iowa Atheist and Freethinkers, Secular Student Alliance, the ISU Government of the Student Body, and the ISU Committee on Lectures, as well as all of our raffle item donors, for making this event possible!

Molecular Biology is on Pammel Drive on the ISU Campus. Parking in the lot north of Molecular Biology is free after 5:30pm.

Items to be raffled include:

  • Your Religion is False by Joel Grus (signed, 2 copies, donated by the author)
  • The Atheist Camel by Dromedary Hump (signed, donated by the author)
  • I Sold My Soul on Ebay by Hemant Mehta (signed, donated by the author)
  • Nothing: Something to Believe In by Nica Lalli (signed, donated by author)
  • book by Bob Price (signed, donated by author)
  • CDs by Greydon Square (signed, 2 copies, donated by author)
  • Imagine No Superstitions by Stephen Frederik Uhl (multiple copies, donated by the Secular Student Alliance)
  • Darwin edited by Philip Appleman (multiple copies, donated by the Secular Student Alliance)
  • Ask me about natural selection” t-shirt, size XL (donated by the Secular Student Alliance)
  • Atheist and Agnostic Society t-shirts, various sizes (donated by AAS)

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