Weekly Update

This is the big week! The much awaited Superstition Bash is Friday the 13th. Of course, there are other activities this week as well:

  • Interfaith Discussion of the MU Chapel. Monday 7-9pm MU Gold Room. This discussion will hopefully lead to a greater understanding of how to make the chapel more inclusive.
  • Silent Vigil for LGBT Equal Rights. Tuesday 5-7pm Lake Laverne. This vigil was organized by Chris from Collegiate Methodist in response to the recent vote to take away equal rights in Maine, and to stand with our LGBT sisters and brothers in the quest for equal rights. RSVP.
  • AAS Meeting. Thursday 7-9pm MU Gold Room. At this meeting, we’ll discuss the latest draft of the AAS logo and plan for the Superstition Bash. Planning for the Superstition Bash is almost complete, but we need AAS members to help with the Superstition Stations. Important: if you can’t make it to the meeting, please email isuaas@iastate.edu if you can help!!! Also, if you have any skeptical, science, etc themed music email isuaas@iastate.edu so we can get it on the playlist.
  • Ask an Atheist and Hug an Atheist booth. Friday 11am-1pm UDCC Commons.
  • Superstition Bash! Friday 7-11pm Molecular Biology. RSVP. For full details, see the AAS blog.
  • Brews and Views. Monday 7-8pm Old Chicago. Join people from a variety of religious-type student groups for a discussion of how evangelism may or may not fit in with multiculturalism. RSVP.
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