Response to news: Negative

What follows is a selection of the more negative letters that resulted from the AP article. More letters will be added as they are received. Names and email addresses have been removed.


Dear Friends,
The first thing that one has to do to argue about whether there is a God, is to define what or who one is arguing about.    God is considered the creator of everything that exists and if one stops there, then there shouldn’t be any argument.  The universe exists and something is responsible for its existence.   It’s not an accident and the Laws of Nature are responsible for how the universe functions.
Because most people don’t have any specific knowledge beyond that they rely on beliefs and that’s where or what the arguments about religions exist.

When someone says “I believe….(something).), they are at the same time announcing that they don’t really KNOW whether what they believe is a fact.  They are saying this because they want to live as if their isn’t any God and many want to tell others what they believe, for some reason, and I guess why they believe it.  But nothing they say proves it one way or the other.
The bible or some groups in at least one religion believe that Jesus was God but they can’t prove it.   Some even get into fights about it.
So I have a question:  If someone came to you and said that they can give you knowledge that will let you prove to yourself that there is a creator and will also allow you to know what the purpose of life is, would you check out what they told you or would you just dismiss it because it doesn’t go along with your belief?
Now if someone says that they won’t do that which will prove to them that there is a creator, then that person is closed-minded.  They would rather believe what they believe than accept that what they believe is wrong so they ignore anything that would show them that they are wrong.
Beliefs about anything are “maybe’s,” possibilities, “if this, then maybe that.”   Knowledge is FACTUAL and can be proven 100% of the time or it’s not knowledge.
Your have a belief that there is no God.   It’s still only a “maybe” regardless of how many arguments you can state.   I have arguments that there is a creator and there is a way to prove it and as a matter of fact, every human brain is designed to do just that.
I am almost finished with a book on intelligent design.  It contains proof of intelligent design in the universe and what the purpose of that design is.  IT IS NOT A BELIEF!   It is not what the group who talk about Earth only being 6,000 years old and dinosaurs were here at the same time as humans and other absurd ideas.
The book contains knowledge.  It should be out within a few months.
Religions do good things but are responsible for bad things, too.  But the bad things are done by bad people and one of the Laws of Nature is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  The effect of this on human actions is called karma.    “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” defines it perfectly.
Following this email will be a few more.  I welcome your questions
[What followed was 8 more emails about a variety of topics including yogic flyng, reincarnation, and claims that Einstein was religious. The messages were coming from Maharashi University.]

God loves you.

I read on the Yahoo news page that you have a club at the Iowa University regarding atheism. You know that even God does not believe in atheist either.

What happened in your life that put a wedge between you and God?

If you look at a painting you know that there was an artist, even if you dont meet him. If you see a building you know there were builders even though you dont see them. When you look at creation you know there was a creator named God.

He loves you so much that he created you and would love to have you send eternity with him when he comes back for his people.

If you dont think you need God, that is your choice. However do me a favor, if you feel that you are a good person, take the test at and see how it comes out.


If you knew your history, youd know that Atheistic societies have been the most murderous, not religious ones. While im pretty secular, I accept that humans will have some type of religion. I prefer Judeo-Christian religions to the more modern and fascistic relgions like animal rights and global warming. I cant remmeber to whom the quote is attributal to but it goes like this: “When people stop believing in God, it is not that they will believe in nothing, they will believe in anything”. You can see that today especially in the UK where Global Warming not Christianity has practically become the state religion.


4 comments on “Response to news: Negative

  1. Kris says:

    Global warming and animal rights is a religion now? And this guy “prefers” Christianity to caring for this earth. Anastasia, you certainly hit the nail on the head; people who don’t care for this life won’t care for this Earth.

  2. Dagobert II says:

    While I might agree that the universe of existence exists, I would not agree that it requires a creation or a creator. If one is to assume that all that exists requires creation and a creator one has only set up an endless chain of creations and creators. If, on the other hand one is going to assume that the creator does not require creation, why not make the same assumption of existence?

    Even assuming no creation or creator does not eliminate the possible existence of Divinity if one defines Divinity as the summation of existence without regard to time.

  3. Jim says:

    You must notice by the tone and verbiage in these emails that religious people feel the need to pity the atheist because he does not accept the God fantasy. Enough already. We reject these attempts to define us as lost souls wondering in the dark.

    If I may speak anecdotally for atheists as a group just for one moment. We have friends, families, passions, and experience love, adversity, and triumph just as any religious person might. The religious parties would not have the general public believe this for a second, content only with the definition of an atheist being that of a social outcast.

    Well, it is time for the world to know that the only difference between atheists and those who wave the banner of religious belief is that they selfishly claim a higher power cares what we do in the bedroom, who we marry, or what superstitious rituals we perform on a weekly basis. How can anyone possibly be more blatantly arrogant?

  4. Meg says:

    “The Universe of Existence.” I like that one, Dagobert. That’s how I think of it, I just never thought of it using that string of words.

    And I fully agree that believing in a “creator” is not necessary to enjoying a life filled with light and dark, failure and success and love. Trust me, Dear Believers, the atheist can have it all.

    I understand, though. When you believe something strongly it’s hard to imagine that others can get along without that same belief.

    I do, speaking for myself. I get along fine without Jesus or god and in times of trouble, I have an understanding of my place in the universe that gives me comfort. It’s a lovely place, too. Very calming.

    And unlike some who might commit horrible atrocities against humanity “in the name of god,” I know that at the end and without an opportunity to correct mistakes, I will be left with myself and I don’t want meanness or cruelty intruding on my remaining thoughts. Since I’m not sociopathic, I live an ethical life based on the Ten Commandments; good rules for healthy families and communities!

    So see, Dear Believers? Atheists can “do the right thing,” just like Believers can. We aren’t without morals or light, we aren’t chasing the devil (can you see how ridiculous THAT is?).

    Random thoughts about existence, made complex by folks who seem to require more.

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