Response to news: Positive

What follows is a selection of the more positive letters that resulted from the AP article, some with a bit of constructive criticism that we ought to consider. More letters will be added as they are received. Names and email addresses have been removed.

Your efforts are appreciated!

Hey, I just read about you on a yahoo news article, and just wanted to say that I support what you’re doing. The voice of non-believers is ridiculously small in comparison with our numbers, and a pleasant (yet vocal) public image is something we definitely deserve.

I’ve been considering forming something similar here in x. Though likely an overwhelming majority here at x, Christian groups remain a much more present community, as one would expect: student groups, fliers, even couples approaching people to proselytize. Pretty representative of the country as a whole, which is a shame!

Anyway, just thought I’d drop you a line; you’ve no doubt gotten other messages from less-supportive people. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU!!! 🙂


Hats off…U R Brave!!! Atheist and Agnostic Society

I read about you on news : “Atheist Student Groups Flower on College Campuses “. It is very interesting to know about you ppl! I have studied medicine and I love science&evidenced based studies. i too feel it sux to believe in things without evidence!! Sometimes i fear how if there would be a hell out there so let me worship God to go to a better place which sux even more!! I have gone all the way from worshiping all the crap to nothing and now thinking of something(the fear!!!)!! I cant truly love something based on my damn fear!! or because of rejection, stigma and taboos surrounding an unbeliever!!
What do you think please? Am i so scared for nothing??
Would appreciate your response&feedback.
Thanks and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Looks great except for one thing…

I can’t find the “Critical Talmud” and “Critical Qu’ran” study groups on your website.

Since Islam is 25% of the world population and growing at a faster rate than dead christianity, why are my fellow Atheists so reluctant to admonish Islam concerning the vast amount of literalism, jihad, archaic laws, homophobia, sexism, etc.?

Additionally, the torah, tanakh, talmud, and cabbala have some of the most ludicrous fantasies of all time.
The historically unproven “Moses” performed more insanely ridiculous “miracles” than “Jesus of Nazareth”.
Passover is celebration of a torah fantasy: why not take B’nai B’rith and the ADL to task for that?

Why the reluctance to take on judaism and islam?
Those who believe in the rational power of  Science should not shy away from potential persecution…Galileo didn’t.

I just can’t understand why christianity is the overwhelmingly targeted religion. It’s dying faster than capitalism.

Why not “Blasphemy Day” assigned 33% for Moses, 33% for Jesus, and 33% for Mohammed?
What about Guru Nanak, the nutty gods of Hinduism, and the Bahai insanity?

Science, Logic, and Rationality should not fight those who are docile: what valor is in that?
Even the ancient polytheists were not afraid to fight for their gods and idols.

Please increase the Diversity of Critique and focus on judaism and islam equally with the other monotheist religion (which is actually polytheist according to judaism and islam because of a “trinity”). And consider the vast number of Hindu myths, as well.

Yours in Bold and Diverse Science,



3 comments on “Response to news: Positive

  1. Wonderful letters, except I am having a hard time deciphering if the third is being sarcastic!

  2. Russ Detra says:

    I’m 72 years old. It’s nice to know that i’m not alone

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