Food For [Critical] Thought

With Christmas time just around the corner we all have serious issues to be considering.  Some of these include: should we be good and, if so, why?  For goodness sake?  For Jesus? 

While you’re thinking about this age old topic I would like everyone to consider something that has been on my mind for years, something that I knew in my heart was wrong but that I just didn’t know how to express.  Now it has been expressed for me in a manner that I was incapable of.  They present it in a way that even me, as a confused and easily manipulated kid, can understand!!1

From an interview with the creater, Jonathan Acuff:
“[Jesus] wants us to love our enemies and serve our neighbors. As long as there is no body on body action. I’m talking of course about a “full frontal hug,” one of those sinful abominations where you just wrap your arms around a friend and embrace them. That’s why Christians the world over have pioneered the “side hug.” In the side hug there’s no risk of two crotches touching.”

You’ll never have to feel guilty about giving hugs again!  When you see you mother and grandmother this holiday season make sure to Just Say “No” to the “full frontal hug” that they offer you because, remember, is it worth the risk?

One comment on “Food For [Critical] Thought

  1. Tori says:

    Please tell me this is a Poe!

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