Does the presence of contradictions in the Bible mean the whole thing is wrong?

Another phenomenal post by our president, Christjahn Beck.



“Id be curious to see what you think about the following. A common argument against Christianity is pointing out contradicting scripture and/or other sources or schools of belief. A leap is then made to say that due to those contradictions it all must be false.”

Today I’m going to answer a question from a friend that I have known for many years.  We met when he was a member of the church that my parents we co-pastors at, and we used to hang out after worship services all the time.  I know him to be an intelligent, reasonable, and respectful person, and though we now disagree on matters of faith I am going to do my best to address his question thoughtfully.  I fully realize that some of what I have to say on this topic will offend people, and  given the subject matter this is essentially unavoidable.  I…

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