Richard Dawkins, New Management, and AAS 2014!

Hello! If you’re a follower of this blog or here for the very first time, you may notice there’s been little activity for quite some time. Well, this blog is now under new management, so I’ll be keeping you up to date on all the fun Secular things happening in and around Ames, Iowa, where our club is located. Also being rebooted is our twitter page, so feel free to follow us there if you’re a tweeter.

Our most recent event has been the final discussion meeting of Spring 2014, where we held elections and discussed our plans going forward as a club, including mobilizing our online presence and getting back into business with events and activities.

Recently, though, we had the wonderful experience of attending  “A Conversation with Richard Dawkins” with Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers, an event hosted by SecularityUSA, an exciting up and coming movement in Iowa for a more Secular Government for the United States of America.


Your New Admin during Q&A with Dr. Richard Dawkins, April 12

As previously mentioned, our meeting tonight was the last for this semester, but we’ll be having Ask and Atheist on Friday in front of Park’s Library on Iowa State’s campus from 11am-2pm. This will be our last event for the semester, but look forward to a great Fall 2014, we’ve got many plans in store.

Superstition Bash!

The Atheist and Agnostic Society is turning 10 in Fall 2009. Join us on Friday the 13th of November to celebrate! Everyone is welcome at this free event! We hope you’ll join us, no matter your beliefs. RSVP at Facebook!

The Maniac of Magic, comedian and magician Nathan Allen, will preform from 7-8pm in Molecular Biology 1414. Then, mingle in the Molecular Biology Atrium 8-11pm with free food, cider and hot cocoa. Have your fortune told and play superstition games with free prizes! There will also be a huge raffle, tickets only $1, for books and other items. After 11pm, if you’re of age, join us for the after-party at Olde Main on Main Street!

Want to help create a superstition station or donate an item for the raffle? Email!

Special thanks to the Iowa Secularists, Iowa Atheist and Freethinkers, Secular Student Alliance, the ISU Government of the Student Body, and the ISU Committee on Lectures, as well as all of our raffle item donors, for making this event possible! Continue reading

Request to postpone vote on chapel bill


At tonight’s GSB meeting (7pm in the MU Campanile Room), senators will consider a bill about the MU Chapel. I am concerned that they have not given enough consideration to all of the issues nor have they collected enough feedback from students (particularly students that are other than Christian or atheist) in order to make a sound decision on this issue. Therefore, I have requested that they postpone the vote until more information can be gathered. Some of these issues were brought up the Politics Hour show on KURE, which I was a part of (audio can be found at the host’s website). I hope you will attend the meeting and share your thoughts on these issues. Continue reading

Hug an Atheist

Starting in Fall 2009, on Friday afternoons from 11am to 1pm, the Atheist and Agnostic Society has been meeting in the Free Speech area to have an “Ask an Atheist” booth. From now on, we’ll be meeting at the same time on Fridays in the UDCC Commons so we can stay warm. Hopefully, this will give us the opportunity to reach a new group of people.

Along with Ask an Atheist, Hug an Atheist has been a wonderful outreach activity. Hugs make everyone happy!

Thanks to Christine Naulty for taking these wonderful photos!

For more photos of AAS from Fall 2009, see our album on Facebook (no login required).

Reponse to Reggie’s Sleepout

A campus wide email just went out promoting Reggie’s Sleepout. Find the full email after the cut.

Just in case anyone reads the email and makes it to this blog, I’d just like to let everyone know that only people who have asked to be on our mailing list are on our mailing list. In other words, if you haven’t asked, you are not on our list. All student organizations at Iowa State may send out a campus wide email to all students for a small fee, the email below is one of those.

The officers of ISU AAS thought that helping homeless youths is important enough to warrant sending a campus wide email. As mentioned in the email, if you are uncomfortable sponsoring our team, we encourage you to consider sponsoring another team.

Just a few minutes after being sent out, we’ve already gotten one reply from a person who seems to have either not read the email or if he/she did read it, did not understand what it is about.

If I ever get another email from you guys, I will flip out. Please remove me from your list NOW.
Ps Jesus Christ lives and reigns and provides strength to all who are in need. Give Him a try.

Very nice. In other words, “Jesus loves you but I hate you” ? Or is it “Jesus loves you but I’m scared of you” ?

This is exactly why we need to continue doing the Ask an Atheist booth and Hug an Atheist every Friday. We’re now holding Ask an Atheist in the UDCC Commons so we can stay warm while we attempt to warm hardened hearts.

Happily, this is not the typical response. Lots of people realize that helping people transcends any differences we may have.

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Statewide Secular Tailgate

Are other tailgates religious? Probably not, but join your secular friends at a tailgate for the Iowa State v Iowa game this Saturday. RSVP at the Facebook event, and invite your friends! Bring some canned goods to show team spirit and help those in need (see after the map for details). IAF will have a grill set up, but you need to bring your own food and beverages.

Due to the nature of tailgating, we don’t have an exact location. So, you’ll just have to head to the red-shaded area on the map below and look for the AAS and IAF banners. I’ll have my blue Toyota Matrix there, and we’ll set up a big white tent. There will be no parking in the tailgate area so you’ll have to park in the Orange lot (just north of the stadium, north of 4th street) and walk or take the shuttle over.

Tailgate spot

Non-perishable goods will be donated to the Community Food Pantry. Each food item has a point value – the first annual Atheist Cy-Hawk Food Drive Winner will be announced at half-time!

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