Quick Facts

If you’re exploring the Atheist and Agnostic Society’s blog, you may be looking for a bit of information on what we are and what we represent. Though anyone can be a member of our club, religious or not, here are a couple of definitions which encompass the most basic part of many of our member’s beliefs.



A person who lacks belief in the existence of gods.

clarification: This position does not necessitate the positive assertion that there are no gods.


A person who believes that we cannot know anything about the existence or nature of gods.

As you may notice, the two are not mutually exclusive. Many atheists are agnostic, accepting that, even if they don’t think there are gods, we cannot know this with certainty.


In addition, some common terms that come up include
Deists who believe that observation of the natural world coupled with reason is sufficient to believe in a creator,
Theists who believe that a God or gods are present, personal, and active in the governance and organization of the universe,
Spiritualism, commonly a more disputed term to define, but strictly the belief that a human personality survives death.

More info to come . . . definitions paraphrased from Oxford dictionary.

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