Our regular meetings when school is in session are Mondays at 7pm in the Gold Room of the Iowa State Memorial Union. The Gold Room is conveniently located on the 2nd floor near the parking garage and the Multicultural Center (map).

We also have brunch every Sunday at 11am at Angie’s Cantina in Campustown at 2416 Lincoln Way. Join us for delicious food and great conversation.

For a complete listing of events AAS is sponsoring or attending, see our Calendar. You may also be interested in upcoming events from the Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers and/or the Iowa Secularists (their events are also listed on our Calendar page).

3 comments on “Meetings

  1. David Jackson says:

    Dear Anastasia, it warmed my heart when I read the article Atheist students coming out of closet published in the Kansas City Star this last Sunday. Kudoes or cudoes, I forget the spelling, but you get the idea. I am a member of the Jesus Seminar of which I’m sure you are aware of. Are you familiar with Bishop John Shelby Spong? If you are not I will gladly send you a copy of his newsletter. He is quite a pioneer in this area of religious freedom and study. You and the rest of us who began by qauestioning and then by studying and then applying our own ideas of what it all means and questions of why traditional thinking had been allowed to smother free thinking for so long. I have long been a student of what life is all about and finally ended up writing a controversial book questioning the many rituals and myths that pervade our society throught the channel of religion. Do you have speakers appear there to share their experiences and thinking as non-believers? Looking forward to your comments and keep up the good work. David Jackson. I guess I’m an eclectic kind of person with the background of farmer, former correction, mental health and education practitioner, writer, and social scientist and advocate of continued study and questioning of the religious status quo.

    • zntneo says:

      @david: i am the discussion chair for the atheist and agnostic society and to answer your question we have had our advisor (who you might know his name is Hector Avalos) ,an out unbeliever, share some of his experiences

  2. Christy Hornberger says:

    I am searching for an organization in Indianapolis IN. Can you help me?

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