Opposition to HF183

Important message from Brian J. Sabel, executive director of the Iowa Secularists:

This week we mark the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, the man who profoundly influenced our understanding of evolution. Exciting celebrations all over the state of Iowa are commemorating this great man and his incredible discoveries. However, the enemies of reason are trying to rain on our parade. Last week, Rod A. Roberts (R-Carroll, Dist. 51) introduced House File 183, the euphemistically-named “Evolution Academic Freedom Act” [full text and current status available at the Iowa General Assembly Bill Book]. This bill, based largely on language by the Discovery Institute (famous for their Wedge Strategy of introducing Intelligent Design into science curricula) is the latest volley in the anti-science agenda of the Religious Right. We cannot tolerate such legislation in a state which prides itself in the quality of our public education system.

Today, I filed on behalf of the Iowa Secularists an official lobbyist declaration of opposition to this bill. We are joined by other powerful advocacy groups in the State of Iowa which oppose the introduction of religion into our public school science curricula. I encourage you to contact your Representative, especially those on the Education Committee, to encourage them not only to oppose this bill, but also to oppose introduction of legislation such as this. Not only does it offend the rights of all Iowans, it sends the wrong message to potential employers about the condition of public education in our great state. You can find contact information for your Representative [at the Iowa General Assembly site].

Please take action today to send a strong message to our Legislators that not only is House File 183 bad for the religious freedom of all Iowans, its mere introduction casts a bad light on our public education system. When you contact your Legislators, please let us know what action you’ve taken [contact at iowasecularists dot org] so we can keep track of which Legislators get the message!